Metrixstream's Hardware Configuration Set-up Scenario


MetrixStream CDN Edition


Components (shown in image above)

Admin: The admin panel is your gateway into Metrixstream. Everything you need to do to control, track, modify, manage your business is done through here.


Database: Every operation needs a database to efficiently store and retrieve information. This database uses the MySQL 5 engine. Metrixstream uses a sophisticated caching mechanism to limit the number of requests to the database component.


Frontend: The frontend component is responsible for serving static content as well as generating webpages. The frontend is the first component that a web browser comes into contact.


Image: The image component is responsible for generating thumbnails of video content and banner photos. The image pipeline can dynamically resize images on the fly and perform various image processing filters. This component is the 2nd most demanding on CPU resources.


Encoding: The encoding component is responsible for taking content in various formats, encoding into compatible formats with multiple bitrates, and importing the results into Metrixstream. This component can take advantage of multiple cpu-cores as well as multiple machine configurations.


Stream: The stream component streams video to the online video player in the viewer's webbrowser. This component is the most demanding on CPU and Storage IO resources. The stream component is capable of seeking instantly to various portions of a video file. Because of this, an RTMP streaming server is not necessary since Metrixstream is able to provide the same result to the viewer. As an added benefit like all of Metrixstream's components, it is designed to use multiple servers without any increased complexity. The streaming component is also capable of streaming only the bandwidth actually being viewed. Lot's of competitors have a solution where they transmit as much data as possible, which wastes bandwidth. Our solution is time synchronized, so it always is aware of how much video is necessary to stream to the viewer.


Content: Content needs to have a home, so this is the component that is responsible for housing the content. This component is normally shared with a Stream component, except in CDN configurations.

CDN: Metrixstream is designed to leverage the enhanced streaming network of CDN providers. CDN has many benefits like providing the same quality of stream regardless of the geographical location of your viewer.


Skinnable Player: The Metrixstream player is the first piece of technology that the viewer sees. It is responsible for changing bitrates, scene selecting, seeking, podcasting, securely communicating with the other components, and much more.


Bandwidth Matrix

- Low Quality: 300kbps (combined audio + video bitrates) - 466m per gig
- Medium Quality: 600kbps (combined audio + video bitrates) - 233m per gig
- HighQuality: 1000kbps (combined audio + video bitrates) - 139m per gig
- HD Quality: 1500kbps (combined audio + video bitrates) - 93m per gig



- Low: 320x180 @ 64kb audio, 236kbps video
- Medium: 640x360 @ 64kb audio, 536kbps video
- High: 800x450 @ 96kb audio, 906kbps video
- HD: 1280x720 @ 96kb audio, 1404kbps video



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