Metrixstream Business Edition 2024

The BUSINESS edition extends upon the LITE version by adding integrated user management and support for subscription based business models.

High Level Overview:

  • Organize your content with a state-of-the-art CMS system
  • Drag & drop video content encoding and "tagging"
  • Easy as 1-2-3 embedding process
  • Integrated website membership templates with authentication
Monthly Licensing Fee Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Per-Server Licensing
(encoding not included)
(1) License (1) License (1) License (1) License (10) Licenses
Streaming Engine
Server Type Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
CDN Stream * Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Metrix Player
HD Compatible
Bitrate Selection
Instant Seeking
Streams only the content being viewed (no buffer). Eliminates start and seek wait times.
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Scene Select
Movie Select (pop-out movie listing from player)
Embed Player
iPod (podcasting)
Metrixstream will automatically detect the device used to access your site, and adjust the display of your site accordingly.
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Adding Movies to (My Favorites)
Customized Player Skins $250 $250 $250 $250 $250
Pre & Post Roll
Showing a short video before or after the feature can be useful for branding, promotion, or advertising.
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IP Watermarking
Anti-Leech Technology
Stops 99% of the video stream rippers (software and methods of recording a stream).
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Password Exploitation Protection
Protect your users from phishing, password leaks, and other password-based attacks with built-in automated security.
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Captcha Protection
A Captcha is a test that is easy for humans and practically impossible for computers. It is intended to keep spammers and bots from posting comments or creating fake user accounts.
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Business Models
Subscription / Membership
Choose among several business models to define the ways that your users pay for content.
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Video On Demand
  • The pay-per-minute model allows you to monetize only the portion of the video being watched by your user.
  • The pay-per-download model allows you to monetize the ability for your users to pick and choose what content they want to keep for their own use.
  • The pay-per-view model allows you to monetize a time sensitive viewing window for your content.
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Live Cams / Events
  • Captures your webcam stream within the Flash Player without any additional download or configuration.
  • Pay-Per-Minute: System records all transactions, time, bandwidth payment owed to broadcasters.
  • tipping / donation (e-currency / credits are transferred from users to broadcasters).
  • tracking/reporting.
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B2B Content Feeds Licensing
System (Pay-Per-Gig)
Shopping Cart
The shopping cart alone is used for digital goods rather than physical product.
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Shopping Cart w/ Order Fulfillment
Using the Shopping Cart and Order Fulfillment System, you can offer both digital and tangible goods.

This includes the entire process that happens after an order is processed, such as review, putting on hold, flagging for suspicious activity, shipping, returns, etc.
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Live Cams (CDN)
Metrixstream is designed to leverage the enhanced streaming network of CDN providers. CDN has many benefits like providing the same quality of stream regardless of the geographical location of your viewer.
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GeoIP Blocking $250 $250
The Metrixstream GeoIP Blocking Manager lets you easily manage access/blocks for content, accounts, and users. You will have control on who sees content based on country, region or city.
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Social Networking Engine Initial Fee Initial Fee Initial Fee
The Metrixstream Social Engine module enhances your website by uniting like-minded individuals and consumers through relationships offered by your business. This results in keeping your customers connected via your product, service or knowledge.
As a business standpoint, the social networking engine can be used for marketing, business development, recruiting, advertising and/or research.
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Blog & News Support
Besides the obvious, blogs can take any form.
Blogs are an easy way for an administrator of any skill level (even without knowledge of HTML), to update the copy and content of a web site, whether it’s a news item, announcement, or an entire page.
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Leasing Feeds (B2B)
Accounts 20 Unlimited
A platform where content licensors, content licensees, and live event participants can login, track usage, schedule live events, and calculate revenue/monies owed.
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Free Site (Tube) - Designs
Membership - Designs
VOD - Designs
Live Cams - Designs
Integrated Billing
User Authentication
Membership Classes
User Comments
Comment Approval
Allows the "admin" an easy way to APPROVE, REJECT or DELETE comments made on videos, live talent and photos.
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Content Approval Workflow
This is a feature that allows the website administrator to “visually” inspect and manage 3rd party content uploads before they are set “live” on a website.
User Favorites
User Ratings
User Profiles
User event monitoring system
Automated user disabling on account sharing
DVR Recording of Live Events $199/mo $199/mo
Allows automated recording of live events for archival purposes. This content is immediately available within the CMS for review or re-publishing on your site.
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High Resolution Zipped Photo-Sets
Users can search your site for content by title, description and tags.
Faceted Search (Advanced)
Provide your users with an advanced search tailored to your content. The Facted Search exposes all the tags, categories, and custom attributes of your content in one simple interface, making huge content libraries quickly navigable.
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Newsletter System
What better way to stay in touch with your existing customers than providing newsletters and email blasts. Metrixtstream’s “built in” newsletter feature gives you the power to send newsletters offering promotions, memberships deals or any announcement that you want to make with great ease.
Language Support
If you have a website that you would literally like the whole world to see, Metrixstream can help you reach them in their native language.
Audio System
It is finally here! Our newest feature enables you to add “music” as another content item fully integrated within Metrixstream and your website.
Total Views
Average Bandwidth per View
Average Duration per View
Email Templates (customizable by you for your users)
Metrixstream automatically sends several emails in response to important user events. Emails can be customized and user information can be automatically inserted, to take the burden of mundane and repetitive communications off of an administrator or webmaster.
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Coupon System
Coupons are a great way to enliven your user base, or entice new user signups. Recruit your existing users to spread your name. Get creative with the coupon rules to set up a promotion that inspires your users to share.
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Content Usage
System Health
Import Manager: Batch Import
Content Labels
Multi-level categories
Custom fields
(additional object information)
Batch edit/tagging workflow
Virtual Scene Creator
The virtual scene creator turns your web browser into a video editor by letting you trim videos and extract segments, which you can then offer as individual content.
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Automated Photo-Set Creator
Create photo sets from your high quality video content. Multiplies your offerings and the versatility of your content without consuming server space or your time.
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Photo Manager
Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to quickly sort, caption, add and remove photos.
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Virtual Video Trailers (in seconds)
Extract a segment of your video to offer to the public, without using any more disk space.
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Sync Manager: Syncs content between servers for redundancy
Development Branch
Metrixstream now has support where you can make edits to a development branch so that we don't make mistakes on the live site until you know they work!
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Add On's
Website Integration / Design ($75/hour) ($75/hour) ($75/hour) ($75/hour) ($75/hour)
Features Customization ($100/hour) ($100/hour) ($100/hour) ($100/hour) ($100/hour)
Overlay (Ad Support) CPC & Impressions- Coming Soon $349/mo $349/mo $349/mo
Encoding Manager with automated watermarking
(per server license)
$99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
(1) Included
(1) Included
(5) Included
Additional Server Licenses (encoding not included) $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo

* CDN Stream: CDN usage fees are not included within licensing fee.

Standard Configuration

Two cores dedicated to frontend, image, and database performance, with another two cores dedicated to two simultaneous encoding jobs.

- Quad Core CPU
- 4GB ram
- 1st 500GB drive
- 2nd 500GB drive (backup)
- 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) Uplink Port
- CentOS

Advanced Configuration

Four cores dedicated to frontend, image, and database performance, with another four cores dedicated to four simultaneous encoding jobs.

- (2) Quad Core CPU
- 12GB ram
- Premium Hardware Raid 1
- 1st 1TB drive (raid 1)
- 2nd 1TB drive (raid 1)
- 3rd 1TB drive (backup)
- 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) Uplink Port
- CentOS

For the extremely power hungry businesses, multi-server configurations are possible using the per server recommendations above.

Encoding License$99/mo
TRULY simplifies the video publishing process. No need for 3rd party encoding software with this CMS attached feature. This license can be put on any server(s) to be used for content encoding (with pre-set configurations).
Metrixstream (streaming) licenses$99/mo
Scalable as your business grows. Hardware Load balancing included.
CDN Stream (For Live and Archived Videos)Usage fees apply separately
Metrixstream Custom CMS Modification$100/hour
Metrixstream Custom Design and Integration$50/hour
Customized Player Skins$250 (one time fee)
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