Anti-Leech for Content Protection Has Arrived

  • Published on 04/03/12
  • Written by Metrixstream
Anti-Leech for Content Protection Has Arrived

For businesses that sell video content online – whether through video streaming, downloading, rental, or other business model – online video pirating is always an issue. If effective content protection steps are not taken to protect online video, piracy can become rampant. To address this issue, Metrixstream, provider of a robust online video platform, enables site owners to secure videos with anti-leech protection.

Metrixstream takes a multi-pronged approach to anti-leech content protection. CEO NameGoesHere explains why. “We’ve found that those who wish to pursue online video pirating can be very persistent in their efforts. By simultaneously deploying four different anti-leech tools, we are able to provide an effective means for our clients to protect online video.” The content protection features of Metrixstream’s video streaming platform include: One-time use tokens Ability to stop users from sharing accounts Integration with token-based APIs for a site’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) Username/IP address watermarking on downloaded videos

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