E-Wallet - Virtual Currency

  • Published on 08/02/12
  • Written by Metrixstream
E-Wallet - Virtual Currency

Metrixstream e-wallet account is an online account that enables users to deposit funds to your business. Users can instantly utilize the funds (in form of credits / tokens) to purchase physical products or content, whether it’s streamed pay-per-min (ppm), pay-per-view (ppv), period rentals or traditional downloading.

The e-wallet account can also be used for website based donations or tipping. It can also be tied into the Metrixstream live broadcasting module. By having funds in your customer’s e-wallet, benefits you by potentially reducing the per-transaction fees charged by merchant providers. This can happen due to the customer pays once and utilizes the credits sporadically for consumption.


Digital currency can be used to purchase:

  • Physical Products

  • Video (VOD, pay-per-download, pay-per-view, rentals)

  • Photos

  • Music (MP3)

  • Live broadcasting tickets (live online concert)

Other e-wallet functionality include:

  • Tipping

  • Donations

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