Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video

With the proliferation of online schools, subscription based entertainment, and the shift of live broadcasting from television to internet live video streaming, the demand for scalable, easy-to-use, live internet streaming services and software has exploded!


Tired of saving your content to your PC, editing for re-broadcast, re-encoding, and uploading to your site online? The Metrixstream digital video recorder DVR, a module integrated with our live streaming software, takes care of all recording & online encoding the moment you stop your live broadcast.


Here are some features for our live streaming software.


DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

  • The DVR service module automatically records and imports live video streaming into the Metrixstream CMS as archived content.
  • The recorded live stream session is immediately available for streaming as archived content.


1-click Go LIVE

  • This software feature captures your webcam live video stream within the Flash player without any additional download or configuration.
  • Simplifies the online live video streaming process by excluding 3rd party live encoders and automatically configuring it with user names, passwords and server configurations.


Live Video Streaming Software functionality:

  • Pay-Per-Minute: System records all transactions, time and bandwidth payment owed to broadcasters.
  • Tipping / donation (e-currency / credits are transferred from users to broadcasters)
  • Tracking/reporting (see Eco-System)



Live Chat: Your members can now instantly chat with the broadcaster instantly through the video player. This feature can be customized to fit your desired layout and design.



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CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • Metrixstream is designed to leverage the enhanced live video streaming network of CDN services and providers. CDN has many benefits like providing the same quality of live streaming regardless of the geographical location of your viewer. By leveraging a CDN, security issues concerning protection of your content arise. Metrixstream security measures in tandem with the CDN’s security measures create a secure communication between the flash video player and the CDN. (Note: not all CDNs are created equal and the total end-to-end services may be compromised depending on the security measures of the CDN provider).


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