Video On Demand

Video On Demand

Full featured video on demand software

Monetize your content easily and effectively. Our platform provides options for membership, direct sale, virtual currency, or any combination of the three.

Membership Packages

Offer a range of membership packages with different privileges. Each online package can offer different prices & content viewing / downloading restrictions.
Leveraging multiple memberships allows you to create a class system, where your members are rewarded for the type of membership class they have.

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Virtual Currency

The E-Wallet system allows you to create your own currency tied to the video on demand software. You can name the virtual currency any term you want… tokens, coins, credits, etc. Leveraging your own currency allows you to minimize transaction processing fees placed on you by your merchant processor.

Automated Encoding

Increase productivity by adding automated encoding to your workflow. Metrixstream gives you full control over our server-side encoding, allowing you to set advanced option such as bit-rate, frame rate, and resolution.

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Content Protection

Our video on demand software helps ensure that your content is protected from piracy. We provide tools for watermarking, secure streaming, and an IP overlay among other techniques.

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