Coupon System

Coupon System

Coupons are a great way to enliven your user base, or entice new user signups. Recruit your existing users to spread your name. Get creative with the coupon rules to set up a promotion that inspires your users to share.


What can a coupon be used for?

  • discounts or bonuses at sign-up
  • rewards for loyal members (customer retention)
  • user benefits for referrals


Coupon Options

  • Limit promotions by expiration, number of uses, or have no limit at all.
  • Give any number of minutes / credits / tokens.
  • Discount transaction by percentage, or a fixed dollar / currency amount.
  • Specify a minimum transaction cost
  • Include the coupon code in URLs that persist to the signup/purchase page
    • Create a URL that you can include in emails. If someone clicks on the link in the email and then browses your website, the coupon will be stored in a cookie, so when the user comes to the signup or purchase page, it will already be entered for them.
  • Track the referring user by linking a coupon to a user
    • Create coupons that are linked to individual users, so when they advertise for you, they get credits applied to their account.


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