Social Engine

Social Engine

Online social networking has become a standard platform in the business, scholastic, and relationship worlds.

The Metrixstream Social Engine module enhances your website by uniting like-minded individuals and consumers through relationships offered by your business. This results in keeping your customers connected via your product, service or knowledge.


As a business standpoint, the social networking engine can be used for marketing, business development, recruiting, advertising and/or research.


What can I do as business with the social engine integrated on my website?

  • Post upcoming sales and promotions to create a “buzz”.
  • Rank users to motivate them to be more involved (# of posts, uploads, etc.).
  • Award virtual currency for contributions (content, blogs, etc.).
  • Create events that people can mark themselves as “attending” to draw the attention of their friends.
  • Hold a weekly contest: users vote on each other’s content, and the winner is awarded virtual currency or a prize.


Social Networking features include:

  • Features available to users:
    • Peer-to-peer management
        • connect with users
          • accept / reject
        • block users
        • send messages to other users


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      • User content
        • Video: drag/drop any format:
          • uploads
          • encodes with preset video quality
          • places content on the site
        • Photo: JPEG/PNG
        • Blog


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    • Create events (e.g. parties, sales, seminars, workshops, etc.)
      • set location, time, capacity
      • invite users
      • RSVP yes, maybe, no
    • Forums (coming soon)
      • user message posting
      • forum moderatoration
  • Features for site administrators:
    • user content management
      • approval:
        • automatically accept all content
        • hold all content until approval
      • delete any content
    • user comment management
      • approval
        • automatically accept all comments
        • hold all comments until approval
      • delete any comment

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