Language Support

Language Support

If you have a website that you would literally like the whole world to see, Metrixstream can help you reach them in their native language. With our Language Support feature, you can build your website in your preferred primary language, and then translate it into as other languages you want to support. This feature allows viewers who may not be fluent in your language, to still have a comfortable experience when viewing your site.

The Language Support feature includes auto-detection to best match the appropriate language to your viewer’s environment. The viewer then will have the ability to switch languages on the fly. Language support includes support for not only the basic messaging within the site, but also customer emails and the meta-data of your content.

Metrixstream includes a streamlined work-flow for figuring out what messages need approval for their translations. Anytime a message changes, the translations get invalidated and go into a pending queue waiting for approval. This streamlined work-flow makes supporting multiple languages a simple task.


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