Authenticated - password-protected pages

Authenticated - password-protected pages

Authenticated pages are the heart of any site offering membership or paid content. Metrixstream allows you to restrict a page to any user type, as well as redirect users of the wrong type to an appropriate page, using a simple drop-down menu in the CMS.


You set the rules for what a user type is allowed to do, and the pages adhere strictly to “your” rules. You can rest assured that restricted content is not visible outside of the pages you specify.


  • Require login, of any user type
    • if set, logged-out users are automatically sent to the login page, or any other page you choose.
  • Limit a page to a user class (e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum)
    • specify a page to direct other users to
  • Restrict content for the entire site to a label (useful for multiple sites from one installation)
  • Restrict page content to a label
  • Set nuanced rules based on:
    • user class
    • tokens / credits held
    • any other attribute of a user
  • Generate secure embed codes of the video player that map to the authenticated viewer
    • this is done for pay-per-minute video and pay-per-gig feeds

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