User / Content Approval

User / Content Approval

The Metrixstream online video platform provides it’s users with the ability to manage the flow of content onto their website. With our easy-to-use content approval work-flow, you can easily designate content to be displayed, reject content that is not suitable, or place the content item in a pending state until someone can  review it.

This is a feature that allows the website administrator to “visually” inspect and manage 3rd party content uploads before they are set “live” on a website. This prevents “users / accounts” from uploading low quality, inappropriate or possibly offensive content.
(Note: This feature only applies to Pro + and Enterprise editions of which “accounts” are enabled)
Accounts are created and assigned by the website administrator and are primarily used for 3rd party content providers, producers or live broadcasters. Account holders have their own unique login that gives them limited access to Metrixstream’s back-office.

Account holders can do the following:

  • Upload content (drag-and-drop or bulk upload)
  • Encode videos (note: encoding settings are pre-set according to website admin)
  • Upload photos and photo-sets
  • View content profits (for percentage based on rev-share)
  • Add and edit content properties (title, description, tags, labels, associations, relationships, categories and release dates)
  • Edit Account settings
  • Initiate live events / broadcasting

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