Retroactive Encoding

Retroactive Encoding

Retroactive video encoding gives you the piece of mind in knowing that any missteps that happen within the encoding process can be corrected. If, by chance, you encode an entire movie and have it displayed and active on your site, along with meta-data and descriptions, you will not have to go back to square one in order to add another format. Simply use the Metrixstream re-encoding feature and add the missing format to your existing file. The retroactive encoding also gives you the power to update your videos with a watermark that may have been left off the first time around.
The formats in which you can retroactively encode your videos are as follows:

Encoding formats:

  • Flash (FLV) - Low (PC, Mac & Android devices)
  • Flash (FLV) - Medium (PC, Mac & Android devices)
  • Flash (FLV) - High (PC, Mac & Android devices)
  • Flash (FLV) - High Definition (PC, Mac & Android devices)
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Downloadable MP4
  • Downloadable WMV

Select the video that you want to add additional bitrates/ formats to through the Edit Properties page:

Choose additional bitrates/ formats to be encoded without having to upload an entirely new file:


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